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Accelerating Growth for Fintech & AI Companies

Strategic Sales and Business Development Partner
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Your New Sales Team

Tried and tested systems for rapid growth.

Have confidence that you are reaching your ideal clients every day.


More meetings, more engagement, more closed won deals. 


Sales Solutions

Direct Outreach: 


We test your message and offer to find your ideal clients, then schedule calls in your calendar with them, so you can start winning new business. 

Bi-weekly Sales Team Meetings:


We care about deals closed, not just leads. Track our progress through your new sales hub, and collaborate with your expert sales team on how to drive more sales. We provide real-time support and reporting insights. 

Scalable Strategies:


Whether you're in the early stages of development or looking to expand, our strategies are designed to scale with your business

Trusted Sales Partners

Why Choose Us?


With a specialized focus on Fintech, AI, and financial service sectors we understand the nuances of your market and the importance of securing pivotal early-stage sales victories. We are experienced at securing enterprise level meetings for new products and scaling businesses alike.

Proven Track Record

Our success stories and case studies speak volumes, we are proud of our partnerships and are excited to welcome new partners to join our case study suite. 

Industry Expertise 

Our team consists of sales experts with extensive experience in the fintech, AI, and tech industries. We're not just consultants; we're your strategic partners dedicated to ensuring your success.

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About Us

Co-Founders Jade-Ellen Stewart and Rachel Crocker combined their sales 13 years of and business development skills and formed a powerhouse sales team to help keep calendars and sales funnels full. 

We care about results and long-term relationships with our clients, and are proud of our case studies and testimonials. 

It's not just about leads, it's about winning business and long-term growth. 

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Jade-Ellen Stewart

Co-Founder & Campaign Strategist


Rachel Crocker

Co-Founder & Sales Strategist

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